2024 Event

Saturday 13th July 2024

Start Time 11:30

Synopses: On vacation with his family in the countryside, a young city boy is forced to participate in wild boar hunts in the cornfields. Naive and scared, he lives in constant fear of a mysterious beast that the adults say lives in the countryside.

Genres: Horror, Drama

Runtime: 23 Minutes


On a distant quadrant of outer space, there is a planet solely inhabited by men. They’ve been living under the rule of a virility dictatorship for many decades.

In order to be labeled a man, one must wear leather, and grow a moustache. Anyone who doesn’t fit that archetype, or is simply hairless, is considered a slave.

That is the case of our hero, Bang Bang, rightful heir to the throne, but cast aside for being hairless. He flees his planet and travels to Earth, where he crashes in a pornstar’s apartment named Cathy.

She is the very first woman he ever saw, he falls immediately madly in love”

Genres: Sci-Fi, Comedy

Runtime: 25 Minutes

Synopses: A mysterious rabbit with a set of magic keys summons a host of strange creatures to entertain a wicked king and his decadent court in this dark stop-motion animated fantasy inspired by the works of Ladislas Starevich

Genre: Fantasy, Horror

Runtime: 12 mins Minutes


Better Angels

One man makes a mistake with a shapeshifting woman that costs him his soul. You won’t get away with that in Camden…..

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 4 Minutes

Synopses: After a down-and-out podcaster is fired due to a rapid decline in ratings, he turns his attention to the mass hysteria myth of the 1938 radio drama “The War of the Worlds” to get his career back on track. With the help of his more successful yet reluctant friend, and a naive waitress/wannabe actress with dreams of grandeur, the trio set out to recreate a hoax alien invasion to cause chaos, go viral, and bring them the fame and fortune they desire.

Genres: Sci-Fi, Comedy, Drama

Runtime: 15 minutes

Synopses: The hosts of a horror chat show celebrate their favorite fictional monster, Bapholeth, by selling a cute toy in his image–only to be attacked by a very real cultist offended by the adorable blasphemy. 

Genres: Horror Comedy

Runtime: 22 minutes

Start time 13:20

Synopses: John’s on a mission to find his daughter, with a little help from an unlikely friend!

Genre: Suspense, Drama

Runtime: 10 Minutes

Synopse: A young woman celebrating her last night out in her hometown is stalked by a mysterious killer in a Mr Punch mask.

Genres: Horror, Slasher

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Start Time 15:15

Synopses: After finally furnishing her new home, Ashley decides to host her best friends for a housewarming get-together. She tries her best to keep herself composed, and her friends alive, in spite of their terrible and life-threatening suggestions on what activities to do for the night. 

Genres: Horror, Comedy

Runtime: 9 Minutes

Synopses: Kate, a private detective investigating the disappearance of a girl, travels to an idyllic English village in search of answers. What she unearths is true otherworldly terror and an alien legacy more horrifying than the blood thirsty locals. “Welcome to the English countryside. The locals can’t wait to meat you.” Voodoo Cat Productions bring you the debut, feature-length horror film from the Saxon Brothers – a visual feast of cannibals, aliens and monsters, with an added ‘splattering’ of dark humour thrown in for good measure.

Genres: Sci-fi, Horror

Runtime: 2 Hour 7 Minutes

Time 18:45

Synopses: A prisoner needs to make a phone call but relieving the phone is proving difficult.

Genres: Comedy

Runtime: 8

Synopses: Rock band Stack of Corpses need a hit song and everyone thinks they know how to get one. Band members BASS and DRUMS hatch a plan to steal a dead rock star’s song from under his widow’s nose. Lead singer BRIAN and manager LARRY think they have the answer too, turning to a Russian gangster for help. Caught in the middle is KEYS, a classical pianist who literally fights off the competition to join the band before realising how lazy and feckless they all are.

Through 6 chapters, interspersed with advice from rock legend RICHARD O’KEEFE, the band go from nobodies to superstars. But can they really hold onto their fame and how far are they willing to go to keep their secrets from coming out?

Genre: Horror, Comedy, British, Thriller

Runtime: 1 hour 37 minutes

Time 21:00

Synopses: Square eyes

Genres: Horror

Runtime: 4


A man pays a company to install a camera on the inside of his mothers coffin, with terrible consequences.

Genre: Horror,

Runtime: 1 hour 29 minutes

14 July 2024

Start Time 11:30

Synopses: Tom Mullen, a famous best sellers self-help writer, is convoked against his will to save IMRC, a purgatory of involuntary killers that is in crisis and about to disappear. If he fails, he will stay there forever.

Genres: Fantasy, dark comedy, horror,

Runtime: 29 minutes

Synopses: In this absurd horror/comedy, the ancient monster Moon Ghost comes to Earth to devour humanity, and one young woman holds the enigmatic key to stopping his malevolent rampage of doom!

Genres: In this absurd horror/comedy, the ancient monster Moon Ghost comes to Earth to devour humanity, and one young woman holds the enigmatic key to stopping his malevolent rampage of doom!

Runtime: 1 hour 26 minutes


Start Time 13:40

Synopses: Ona, a creative executive of a large company, is about to launch the latest technological revolution into the market: a device that allows listening to music directly inside the brain.

Genre: Sci-fi, Drama

Runtime: 13 Minutes

Synopses: True crime documentarian Olivia Brandreth was nine years old when her father disappeared. The official police statement was suicide though no body was ever recovered. Twenty five years later, Olivia has returned to her childhood home to finally get closure in an unrelenting attempt to set the record straight. Blue Hour chronicles the journey of a dedicated film crew in their search to figure out what really happened that night in 1997. When conversations with family and law enforcement offer hints at a yet to be explained conspiracy, an increasingly dangerous truth comes to light. One that not only puts the lives of Olivia and her team at risk, but challenges the fabric of reality itself. In this genre-bending supernatural drama, Blue Hour manages to be both a thought provoking media criticism as well as a heartwarming story of self-discovery.

Genres: Psychological thriller

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

Start Time 15:30

Start Time 15:45

Synopses: On New Years Eve 1999, an unwitting couple find themselves trapped in a deadly game against a supernatural killer who advertises himself through their TV.

Genres: Comedy, Horror

Runtime: 18 Minutes

Synopses: Skeptical private investigator Harry Bates is hired by an alluring woman to find her missing brother whom she believes was involved with recent incidents linked to the local legend of the crocodylus monster- a human-alligator hybrid in this campy romp.

Genres: Comedy, Sci-fi


1 Hour 26 Minutes

Start time 17:45

Synopses: Touring pub singer, Bex, lets her celebrity delusions get in the way of her relationship with her daughter, Rhian, who is left to pick up the pieces when faced with the cruel reality of her mother’s lifestyle.

Genre: Horror, Drama

Runtime: 18 minutes

Synopses: When a group of women from Manhattan win a weekend getaway with wellness influencer Kali to picturesque Killington, VT, the creepy local vibes and characters take on a life of their own. Tensions spark among the longtime friends as Kali pushes their boundaries, and things take an unexpected turn.

Genres: Thriller, Comedy, Horror

Runtime: 1 hour 26 minutes