2022 Event

Saturday 06 August 2022

Start Time 10:00

Synopses: Anna’s a young cannibal who thinks she has it all figured out, but in a chance encounter, she ends up falling in love with a janitor. Forced to choose between her love of human flesh and this new romance, Anna thinks she can put eating people behind her, but a determined conspiracy theorist won’t let her get away so easily..

Genres: Musical, comedy Horror,

Runtime:  23 minutes

Synopses: What was supposed to be a normal first day of community service quickly becomes a cesspool of desire, betrayal and blood

Genres: Horror

Runtime:  25 minutes

Synopses: A disgraced pharmaceutical engineer is on a stop-at-nothing race against time to cure his rare disease in a home-made lab.

Genres: horror

Runtime:  29 minutes

Start time 11:35

Synopses: In near future, a pandemic devastate the world. A video revealing the truth about the virus circulate on networks. It shows Sarah, the one who found the truth about the virus and Jane, the one who created it…

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Runtime: 7 minutes

Synopses: A well respected producer who hasn’t had a hit film in 20 years thinks he has struck a cinematic goldmine when he decides to back a new director who is the current “buzz-worthy” filmmaker on the festival circuit. He decides to have a small private screening in his home screening room with some industry professionals, but when the night does not go as planned, he is left wondering if he will have a career left to salvage.

Genres: Comedy,

Runtime: 1 hour 20 minutes

Start Time 14:15

Synopses: When a UFO lands in her back garden, Justine is forced to call for back up from the only person who would believe her, Egon, her conspiracy theorist ex-boyfriend.

Genres: Sci Fi, comedy, Action

Runtime: 19 minutes

Synopses: In 2001 a tragic prank took the life of mentally challenged video store rewinder Jacob Cobb.
Twenty years later Jacob’s corpse has been inadvertently awaken by three hapless goons
who have big plans of reopening The Video Barn.
Cashing in on the urban legends which surround Jacob’s death will be the least of their worries
as the once innocent video store clerk returns from the grave to exact his revenge!

Genres: Horror

Runtime: 44 Minutes

Synopses: When five members of Delta Iron Kappa go to Chad‘s lake house for a weekend getaway, toxic masculinity isn’t the only thing lurking in the shadows, as the legendary Hyde and Seek Killer emerges and hunts the boys down one by one.

Genres: Comedy, Horror

Runtime: 40 minutes

Start Time 16:30

Synopses: Four strangers. A remote fort out at sea. A private party with an absent host. The tale of four soldiers who jumped to their death. Was it the isolation or some thing else? Will the fort claim it’s next victims or can they all survive until morning??

Genres: Thriller, Horror, Supernatural

Runtime: 16 minutes

Synopses: A confused widow faces a coordinated home invasion from both early-onset dementia and a crazed killer


Genres: Horror, Drama

Runtime: 1 hour 48 minutes

Start Time 20:00

Synopses: Kevin is having a bad day. He’s been bitten by one of those strange, shuffling creatures that suddenly seem to be everywhere. Perhaps the friendly people at his local pharmacy can help?

Genres: Dark Comedy

Runtime: 14

Synopses: Tales of the creeping death is a horror anthology feature film, it will contain four short terrifying stories with one main story to hold them together. Pray for your soul.

Genre: Horror, Comedy

Runtime: 1 hour 36 minutes

07 August 2021

Start Time 10:00

Mommy Got a Demon

Synopses: Charles Best has a problem. He’s the boss of a criminal enterprise but he can’t kill anyone. He’ll need to on-board a new recruit with a specialist skillset…This short comedy was made with just one actor, playing multiple roles, in one location, during lockdown.

Genres: Dark Comedy,

Runtime: 15 minutes

Synopses: On a dark and stormy UK night, BARRY WIGGLE, a sad, pathetic man living with his Mother has locked himself in his bathroom as he battles a squelching bout of painful stomach cramps.

As he tries desperately to convince himself that his stomach issues are just gas, deep down he knows that with every twist, squirm and squelch that his problems stem from one source: THE WUURM.

Somewhere, somehow, poor Barry has picked up a narcissistic, sentient parasite whose only goal is to gaslight Barry, and spend the rest of its life tormenting him from within.

As the WUURM’s voice grows louder in Barry’s head, the more persuasive his words become. With Barry’s past week of toilet breaks told in a slew of short, comedic flashback sequences, all that’s left for him to do is expel the parasite and engage in a fast-paced, battle to the death!

Genres: Horror, Comedy

Runtime: 7 minutes

Oskhotsk of the Living dead

Synopses: 4 cinema crew go to Hokkaido Japan.
They meet a nuts girl and go to crazy and kill.!

Genre: Horror

Runtime: 30 Minutes

Synopses: Two long time friends and colleagues, stuck in the
apocalypse together must put their differences aside and work
together to get through it. Now down to their last packet of
crisps between them, Dan (Liam Scott) struggles to convince
Simon (Ken McConnell) to pack up and leave their so called safe
house to look for food.
The confrontation between them splits the two up which leaves
Simon with the tough decision to face his fears or starve while
Dan takes his traumatic past with him on a zombie killing

Genre: Zombie, Comedy, Horror

Runtime: 10 Minutes

Synopses: Transformed against his will, Chase Jackson battles the evil forces of Goldline Incorporated as the cybernetic ninja Dragon Blue.

Genres: Sci-Fi, Action, Tokusatsu

Runtime: 10 minutes


Genres: Horror

Runtime: 8 minutes

Start Time 11:35

Synopses: The Killer In Cursed Water: Cindy and Quentin are spending a romantic week-end by a lake. But a killer is prowling and he could hide a greater threat

Genres: Horror, Comedy

Runtime: 15 minutes

Synopses: In this fun horror-comedy, an awkward first date at the movies takes a horrific turn when the cinema turns out to be owned and operated by demons.

Genres: Horror, Comedy

Runtime: 10 minutes

Synopses: One day, everyone’s dreams suddenly start to come true. Jean wants to get rid of this strange spell, you never know that his nightmares will come true. In this he has the support of his girlfriend Marlene, but not of Janine, who always secretly dreamed of marrying him.

Genre: supernatural, comedy

Runtime: 19 minutes

Synopses: Kirsty must survive an afternoon in the city centre until her accommodation can be arranged at a homeless shelter.

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Runtime: 10 minutes

Synopses: Autumn, dawn. The forest rustles everywhere, it looks like it lives. On the edge, an old isolated house. And in this house, a room, decrepit. A man, Greg, wakes up painfully, like he’s having a hangover … If it was not that …

Genres: Horror, Fantasy

Runtime: 13 minutes

Synopses: Based on the true story of Michael Malloy, set in 1930’s New York, as a gang of desperate men plan to kill a homeless man and claim on the insurance. With puppets and poetry.

Genres: Black comedy, puppetry

Runtime: 20 minutes

Start Time 14:15

Synopses: Sophia, a fearful young woman, accidentally lets a demonic entity loose while moving to her new house.  She has to face the entity who reflects her personal struggle with insecurity.

Genre: Horror

Runtime: 8 Minutes

Synopses: A young woman is abducted by a strange group of human traffickers who use drug and trauma based mind control to turn women into sex slaves called “Sofia”dolls. 

Genres: Thriller, Horror, Drama, Psychological

Runtime: 1 hour 43 minutes

Start Time 15:30

Start Time 16:30

Synopses: A young waitress at a fast food diner has a bad feeling about things going on behind the chrome and neon facade of the diner. She finally believes she has the proof she needs to bring this secret to light, but unseen evil forces are unleashed in a blood thirsty attempt to stop her.

Genres: Horror

Runtime: 13 Minutes

Synopses: Late night “shock jock” talk show host gets more than he bargained for when he becomes the target of a serial killer.

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Suspense

Runtime: 1 Hour 31minutes

Start time 19:45

Synopses: Two guys, looking to spice up their love life, discover something else waiting for them down in the woods.

Genre: Dark comedy, Horror

Runtime: 7 minutes

Synopses: A hitman’s life becomes more complicated after an easy job takes a turn for the worse.”
Set in Derbyshire, this nonlinear narrative jumps between 3 characters throughout its 61-minute run time. Maria, a victim of an attack who wakes up in a body bag. Lucas, a gun for hire and Marcus, a troublemaker with a tendency for violence which doesn’t help when his father is the local gang leader.
This revenge film primarily revolves around Maria’s change from a normal person, to a cold-blooded killer whose only focus is revenge.

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Revenge

Runtime: 1 hour 1 minute